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Henry Gornbein Featured in Huffington Post

How Do You Determine Child Support and Alimony? 

In many of my divorce cases, the hardest issue is determining someone’s real income. Income impacts upon child support as well as alimony. We live in an era where there is a huge underground economy. Think of some of the jobs and businesses where there is a lot of cash. Here are a few examples but the list is almost endless — think of your landscaper, beautician, personal trainer, manicurist, anyone in the restaurant or bar business. Your local party store, grocery, construction, maintenance, home improvements, electrician, and plumber. Your babysitter, the person who cleans your house, your dog walker, commercial cleaner, people who have careers and moonlight with side jobs, personal companions and exotic dancers. I have represented people involved in gentlemen’s clubs, bars, and restaurants. A double sets of books have been the rule and not the exception. Think of numerous professions in addition to those listed above. Some doctors, dentists, podiatrists, chiropractors will deal with cash. am sure that all of you can provide many more examples.

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